About TADA

TADA was establish in 2016 with the leadership of some individuals believe that there are plenty of citizens who were hurt or harassed, embarrassed as well as physically or financially harmed by the lies of “so called Armenian Genocide” which happened a century ago by Ottoman Empire.

Our task is to bring those stories into picture, by encouraging such people to come forward and tell us their stories without any fear or hesitance.

TADAlliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Board of Directors:

President: Uğur Kara

Vice-President: Emre Serbest

Treasurer: Sevgin Oktay

Secretary: Ümit Güneyi

Director of Communication: Enis Pinar

Adviser at Large: Ferruh Demirmen

Adviser (Soc/Cult. ): Sevil Kaplun

Adviser (Political): Ibrahim Kurtuluş

Adviser(Legal): David Saltzman, Esq.



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